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In case you are not aware there are some very changes taking place with TAFE in NSW.

Instead of different Institutes across the state almost competing with each other to provide courses there is NOW only ONE TAFENSW.


To provide you with the most up to date course information here is the link to the 2018 TAFE NSW CAREER GUIDE


The 2019 Career Guide is not expected to be available until August / September so this 2018 Guide is the most up to date information on the range of course now available in the new TAFE NSW. 


Take some time to explore the course options that related to your area of interest and involvement.


For more up to date details of all course including course locations and costs and  online course go to


Our Careers Connect Expo here at SCCVC on Wed 6th June will have representatives from TAFE NSW who you will be able to answer your questions about course options.

Everyone Needs an up-to-date Resume

There is now a sample Resume that can be used to

build a simple professional Resume:

To assist students we have a short Instructional Video

with Resume Tips using the sample Resume.